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Per Erik Strandberg's IconLib are a bunch of Icons inspired by Mark James Silk Icons.

They are, as you say, under construction. The goal is to have at least 1000 icons when this project is done. I doubt that I'll ever finish them without a helping hand from someone.


Per Erik Strandberg's IconLib can be downloaded in zipped png (64x64 pixles) format: iconlib.zip (about 300kB)

Source code

Per Erik Strandberg's IconLib are drawn in SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format using InkScape. There are also a set of icons in PNG format (640x640 pixles) available. If you would like the source code please contact me (per at pererikstrandberg dot se) to to negotiate terms.

A screenshot of one if the icons in InkScape:
Screenshot IconLib

IconLib icons that are available right now

application.png application_arrow_underscore.png application_back.png application_bug.png application_cascade.png application_check.png application_console.png application_console_arrow.png application_console_c_arrow.png application_console_c_arrow_underscore.png application_console_dollar.png application_console_dollar_underscore.png application_double.png application_edit.png application_error.png application_get.png application_go.png application_key.png application_lightning.png application_link.png application_magnify.png application_plus.png application_set.png application_split_horizontal.png application_split_vertical.png application_stop.png arrow_back.png arrow_branch.png arrow_circle.png arrow_circle1.png arrow_circle2.png arrow_circle3.png arrow_circle_5.png arrow_divide.png arrow_get.png arrow_go.png arrow_in.png arrow_join.png arrow_merge.png arrow_out.png arrow_redo.png arrow_refresh.png arrow_rotate_anitclockwise.png arrow_rotate_anitclockwise2.png arrow_rotate_anitclockwise3.png arrow_rotate_anitclockwise4.png arrow_rotate_clockwise.png arrow_rotate_clockwise2.png arrow_rotate_clockwise3.png arrow_rotate_clockwise4.png arrow_set.png arrow_switch.png arrow_switch2.png arrow_turn_down.png arrow_turn_left.png arrow_turn_right.png arrow_turn_up.png arrow_undo.png bomb.png bug.png bug_back.png bug_check.png bug_edit.png bug_error.png bug_get.png bug_go.png bug_key.png bug_lightning.png bug_magnify.png bug_minus.png bug_plus.png bug_set.png bug_shiny.png cast.png check.png database.png database_back.png database_disk.png database_go.png edit.png error.png female.png key.png lightning.png link.png magnify.png male.png minus.png monitor.png plus.png script.png script_back.png script_bomb.png script_bug.png script_check.png script_go.png weather_cloudy.png weather_cloud_rain.png weather_cloud_rain_lightning.png weather_cloud_sun_rain.png weather_snow.png weather_sun.png

Some rights reserved

Creative Commons License

Per Erik Strandberg's IconLib is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License.

If you want to use IconLib under another license than the above, contact me (per at pererikstrandberg dot se) to to negotiate terms.