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There is a growing body of knowledge in the computer science, software engineering, software testing and software test automation disciplines. However, there is a challenge for researchers to evaluate their research findings, innovations and tools due to lack of realistic data. This paper presents the Westermo test results data set, more than one million verdicts from testing of embedded systems, from more than five hundred consecutive days of nightly testing. The data also contains information on code changes in both the software under test and the test framework used for testing. This data set can support the research community in particular with respect to the regression test selection problem, flaky tests, test results visualization, etc.

Keywords: software engineering, software testing, embedded systems, cyber-physical systems, nightly testing, regression testing, test case prioritization, flaky tests, test results visualization.


The data is a large csv file with test results, and many small text files with code changes from the software under test, and the test framework. All data has been anonymized. The data set is made available under the creative commons attribution license, which is very good, and quite permissive license.

Suggested attribution: Strandberg, P E. (2022). The Westermo test results data set. Technical report. Retrieved from

You find the dataset at github: [1]

A PDF describing the data set is at the above github link and also at ArXiv: [2]

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