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In InSecTT Technologies for the Enhancement of Industrial Security and Safety by Sasikumar Punnekkat, Tijana Markovic, Miguel Len, Bjrn Leander, Alireza Dehlaghi-Ghadim, and me Per Erik Strandberg we describe some achievements in the a three-year European research project named InSecTT.

It will "soon" be available at this DOI-link: [1]


The recent advances in digitalization, improved connectivity and cloud based services are making a huge revolution in manufacturing domain. In spite of the huge potential benefits in productivity, these trends also brings in some concerns related to safety and security to the traditionally closed industrial operation scenarios. This paper presents a high-level view of some of the research results and technological contributions of the InSecTT Project for meeting safety/security goals. These technology contributions are expected to support both the design and operational phases in the production life cycle. Specifically our contributions spans (a) enforcing stricter but flexible access control, (b) evaluation of machine learning techniques for intrusion detection, (c) generation of realistic process control and network oriented datasets with injected anomalies and (d) performing safety and security analysis on automated guided vehicle platoons.

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