DVA450, Scientific theory and research methods, 5.0 credits (3.3 "old credits")


Learning outcomes

After completed the course, the student shall be able to:
  1. explain central concepts and problems in science theory
  2. analyze scientific and pseudo-scientific texts and make critical examination of these
  3. review scientific articles
  4. describe some important research methods in computer science
  5. write a scientific article (based on own work or information found in scientific articles or similar), relate the article to science theory and research, and present this article
  6. oppose others' presentations
  7. practice a critical approach to knowledge, science and research

Course content

Course modules:
  1. Science theory. What is science and what is not? The scientific method for creating knowledge.
  2. Research methodology in science and technology. Research methodology for computer science.
  3. Scientific writing. Searching scientific articles. Writing and presentation of a scientific article. Examination and opposition of scientific articles.

Offical syllabus at MDH or at PROMPT.

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